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Strategy / Print / Environment

  • Creative direction: Shin Mononobe (Anyhow)
  • Art direction: Yuko kondo (Anyhow)
  • Design & Illustration: Yuko kondo (Anyhow)
Design direction for an exhibition in London by TAKEO Co., Ltd., a leading Japanese paper brand. TAKEO has been praised by professional consumers in Japan for its advanced brand attitude, and this time TAKEO branches out to London aiming to explore new possibilities and sales channels. Under the theme “TAKEO rooted in London Culture,” the exhibition is titled as “CULTURES OF GIVING” which showcases special Christmas gifts that were created using TAKEO’s paper products. We displayed a range of gifts, each one aimed at a certain character of one imaginary family. Inside each gift box there was a hidden story. This approach allowed us to present the practicality of TAKEO’s products and show examples of their usage in daily life, whilst showing the exceptional beauty of TAKEO’s fine paper at the same time. The exhibition was held at the Show Space by G . F Smith, a leading paper trading company in the UK.