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Hayward Gallery
Art of Change: New Directions from China


Digital / Print

  • Creative direction: Takayoshi Kishimoto
  • Art Direction: Yuko Kondo(Anyhow) / Ryuhei Nakadai
  • Design: Yuko Kondo(Anyhow) / Ryuhei Nakadai
  • Technical direction: Subaru Sakurai
  • Programming: Haruma Kikuchi / Seiya Konno
  • Sound: Angus Keith / Yuhi Nakano
  • Development support: UNIBA
The Hayward Gallery is a contemporary art gallery, based amongst London’s cultural venues of the Southbank Centre. For their exhibition “Art of Change: New Directions from China” we created a digital archive. The exhibition covers Chinese contemporary performance art from 1979 to 2012. We designed 130 different icons using Chinese traditional colours and Chinese number characters. Through controlling the icons on the interface, visitors to the gallery could explore the archive by year, by artist or by events in Chinese political history. The icons kept moving slowly using the concept of Tai chi applied to the digital space. This system runs on Chrome using Three.js (3D Javascript). The digital archive has been included in the Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong, the Centre for Contemporary East Asian Cultural Studies, University of Nottingham, the DSL Collection, Paris and Live Art Development Agency, London.


Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong
Centre for Contemporary East Asian Cultural Studies, University of Nottingham
DSL Collection, Paris
Live Art Development Agency,London
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